I found this two and a half years old topic about refreshing godoc. It
seems that the sync_minutes options has been removed.

I'm working with several open files, from libraries and programs, and I
would like to use godoc to check the function names and parameters as I

Is there an alternative to restarting godoc? A "refresh" button would be


On Sunday, February 12, 2012 9:50:15 PM UTC+1, Kyle Lemons wrote:

I noticed this behavior awhile ago and stopped using --sync_minutes. I
tried various sync commands with no luck. I haven't tried again, so I
can't confirm it hasn't been fixed, but I know it used to not work.

On Sun, Feb 12, 2012 at 1:51 AM, Jan Mercl <jan....@nic.cz <javascript:>>
Can someone please confirm a not yet reported (aka can't find existing)
issue with godoc? I'm using the same arguments as before weekly.2012-02-07
(starts at login):

godoc -http :6060 -sync true -sync_minutes 10

The e.g. "Last update: Sun Feb 12 09:46:43 +0100 CET 2012" shown at top
of after clicking the 'src' and/or 'Packages' links at the home page seems
to indicate that the std packages do get a regular rescan, while the src
(which is far more importnant while developing) is always stuck at the
godoc starting time (no rescan done).

Intended behavior or a bug? In the later case, should I fill an issue or
is there already one about this?

TIA for any feedback.
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