Hello to everyone,

I released a package called "wutrender" here: github.com/8protons/wutrender

No magic at all, just plain Go templates. It reads all files from a
directory (default to "templates") creating templates with names in format
"path/name.{format}", where "{format}" is a file content type like "html",
"js", "json" (idea from Ruby on Rails).
For example, "templates/sessions/new.html.tmpl" => "sessions/new.html".

Then we can render the templates with a variety of functions:
wutrender.HTML, wutrender.JS, wutrender.RenderFormat("html", ...) - all
this functions return (*bytes.Buffer, error). Also, there are functions
like wutrender.WriteHTML or wutrender.WriteJS which take
http.ResponseWriter as the first argument and write to it.

It also uses application environment approach (by GO_ENV=production
variable) - in dev mode it recompiles all templates and in production mode
it uses .Clone() function of html/template package.

Support layout with special function {{ yield }} and partials with
bindings: {{ partial "path" }} (empty) or {{ partial "path" . }} (all
parent binding) or {{ partial "path" "user" .User "isEdit" true }}

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions and
please, use github issues for... issues only, all discussions go here.


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