Go is a very capable web service & web application development language,
but the philosophy is typically one of "modularity" instead of "kitchen

This does mean that it *will* take you a little longer to get up and
running compared to (say) Django, but similarly will be better in the long
run when you need to change things, maintain the application as a whole and
break it down into smaller components still. If your goal is to build a
website that sells X or promotes Y, then learning Go would be great for
learning, but it's probably not going to get you to selling X or promoting
Y faster than Django, Flask or Sinatra might.

Form submissions (use gorilla/schema), form validations (there's a few
validation libs, or you can write your own), file uploading (net/http),
images (Go's image packages) and templating (html/template) are all covered
pretty well. You'll still need to tie some bits together though.

As for building blocks, a combination of the various parts of Gorilla, Goji
(https://goji.io/) or gocraft/web (https://github.com/gocraft/web) are my
picks. Right now I'm using Goji (which is very minimal and ties in nicely
with net/http), gorilla/sessions, gorilla/schema, and html/template. I
wrote my own validation methods on my model structs using reflect, but
might end up using https://github.com/mholt/binding at some point down the

In short: Go's great, but the community is still growing and you should
expect to glue a few things together yourself.

On Thursday, June 26, 2014 4:46:52 PM UTC+8, dmp...@gmail.com wrote:


Just would like to ask questions to experienced gophers. How good is
choice of Go programming language when I want to build a web application.
Let's say, application will require such programming language's /
framework's features like: form submissions, form validations, file
uploading, working with images (resizing, for example, for creating user
avatars), templating.

I read a bit and found out that Go has such beautiful thing as gorilla
As alternatives, found some frameworks:
1. Revel
2. Beego
3. Martini
4. Traffic

So. In general, I have few questions:
1. How easy will be to build in Go such a web app, which will implement
features listed above?
2. What are the differences of programming web app on Go from programming
on PHP / Java (Codeigniter, Yii / Spring)?
3. How fast will be web development on Go comparing to other programming
4. How do you think, is it a good idea to pick Golang for web development
or it has another aims?
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