The 'mbxchan' package provides an easy communication between distributed Go
applications using standard Go channels.

This functionality is implemented through named Mailboxes (MBX).
These Mailboxes provide unidirectional inter-process communication
many-to-one). Each Mailbox has a unique name.

In the following example we send "Hello" from one process to another:

Sending side:

     outch, err := mbxchan.MakeClientChan("mybox")
     outch <- []byte("Hello")

Receiving side:

     inch, err := mbxchan.MakeServerChan("mybox", "HTTP");
     body, ok <- inch
     fmt.Printf("%s\n", string(body))

The transport type is: "HTTP" | "TCP" | "UDP" | "WEBSOCKET"
Only "HTTP" is currently implemented.

The package could be found on: http://bitbucket.org/levarnon/mbx
See also 'mbxchan' link in http://code.google.com/p/go-wiki/wiki/Projects

Comments are welcome.

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