Go-aws-auth <https://github.com/smartystreets/go-aws-auth> is a small,
lightweight library for Go that signs requests to Amazon Web Services. It
supports, as far as I know, nearly all forms of AWS authentication (thanks
to some great contributors).

All it does is take your http.Request and adds the necessary authentication
to it, depending on the service for which it is bound.

I'd like to get this library to a mature, stable 1.0 state, but I don't use
most of the Amazon services. Please give it a try in your projects—I think
you'll be quite pleased—and if you encounter problems, pull requests are
more than welcome. From what I can find, it's probably the most
comprehensive AWS signing library for Go there is. It makes a great basis,
or starting point, for other AWS projects in Go.


PS. Sorry for the lame repo name.

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