redux is a Go implementation and extension of the
DJB redo (http://cr.yp.to/redo.html) concept for a software build tool.

This is a complete implementation and includes a built in database and
recursive dependency tracking.

It is meant to be a faster, simpler and more flexible Make replacement.


This is a multi call binary so there's a two step installation

     go get github.com/gyepisam/redux/redux

installs the tool somewhere in a $GOBIN directory. And

     $ redux install links

installs links for the redo-init, redo-ifchange, redo-ifcreate and redo.
There is also a `redux install man` command for installing the man pages.

See https://github.com/gyepisam/redux for other variations on the install theme.

In addition to the documentation available through the `redux help` command,
there is more extensive documentation in markdown, html and groff (man page) formats
at https://github.com/gyepisam/redux

BSD Licensed.

I welcome any and all feedback on this software.


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