Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that, yesterday, VividCortex announced a new
release of its open source project for dependencies management in Go:
Johnny Deps.

The new version no longer uses go get. (See the blog post at
https://vividcortex.com/blog/2014/01/16/johnny-deps-enhanced/ for why not.)
It resorts directly to Git, cloning repositories as needed and checking out
the appropriate versions for the application. As opposed to the previous
release, we're no longer keeping the full set of dependencies at the main
application repository; only first-level imports are listed at each
project. Johnny Deps takes care of retrieving the full set recursively,
failing with a useful message if there's any version mismatch when
considering the full dependency graph.

Please read the full description at the project's page:
https://github.com/VividCortex/johnny-deps. And you're welcome if you want
to contribute! (Keep in mind though that, since this is a tool we use
internally, we may not accept changes that disrupt our workflow.)

Best regards,

cc: go-pm

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