hello all, i'm trying cache images on a server to a local folder, by doing
the following (pseudo-code, but mostly working)

the problem is that it blocks on the io time consuming code in struct
Cache. that is the scanner "service" is unable to continue finding images

hope this explains the issue, otherwise i will try to make it a working code

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
cache := services.Cache

scanner := services.Scanner

core := services.Core

go cache.Start()

go scanner.Start()

go core.Start()


package services
type Scanner struct {

func (self *Scanner) visit(path string, f os.FileInfo, err error) error {
itemFound <- path


func (self *Scanner) start() {
// loop over the filesystem, finding images

filepath.Walk("/", self.visit)


type Core struct {


func (self *Core) start() {
for {

select {

case msg := <- itemFound

go self.doItemFound(msg)




func (self *Scanner) doItemFound(path string) {
// do some stuff

cachePicture <- path


type Cache struct {

func (self *Cache) start() {
for {

select {

case msg := <- cachePicture

go self.doCachePicture(msg)




func (self *Cache) doCachePicture(path string) {
// do some time consuming io, copying images from server to local machine

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