I'm working on a Go package and running into an odd behavior when
working with embedded types. I have been able to use non-exported,
embedded types to an arbitrary depth without issue in the code, but
when I look at the godoc generated output, only methods whose receiver
is directly embedded in an exported type are shown.

Here's a fairly minimal (albeit meaningless) example:

type a struct {}

func (a a) DoSomething() {}

type b struct {

type Y struct {

type Z struct {

In this very contrived example, I expect to be able to call
DoSomething() on instances of Y or Z, and that works fine. When I look
at the generated documentation for a package with types of this
structure, however, DoSomething is documented as a method of Y but not
of Z.

While searching for information, I did find
https://code.google.com/p/go/issues/detail?id=1000, which seems to
have been looking for the full method set but looks like it was closed
with just a subset of that functionality. Is this working as intended
right now? Right now to get the documentation I'm looking for, I have
to implement a forwarding method on b for DoSomething just to make
sure that godoc shows the method everywhere appropriate.


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