I know I am making a late entry to this discussion, but I dont see the
problem with creating generic functions for the bitwise operations if you
think they decrease readability.

An example: http://play.golang.org/p/pbZybh920X

It works perfectly, is readable, and has good performance and memory
footprint. The con is that it's not extendable to more than 64 flags per
field, but it covers the most common use cases.

Den lördagen den 21:e april 2012 kl. 23:17:38 UTC+2 skrev Archos:
I've a struct with 15 boolean fields besides of another kind of
fields. Would be better if those boolean fields were managed like

type check uint16

const (
isFoo check = 1 << iota

although it it's most verbose during checking:

if check&isFoo != 0 {
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