G'day, All.

I've been asked to write an ABI revision compatibility tool for work and need to scan large executables, such as the freebsd kernel and libs.

I'd like to access the (d *Data) Type() from multiple threads, but as it is currently written it isn't thread safe, as it caches into the *Data. In addition, I'd like to know how many compile units are in the binary and to improve the performance of (*Reader) Seek() along the lines suggested in the code.

1> Multithreaded Type system, use a Reader per thread and keep a type cache in it
- func (r *Reader) Type() (Type, error)
- func (r *Reader) MergeTypeCache() // User must provide a single threaded *Data context
2> Reimplement func (r *Reader) Seek(Offset) to use sort.Search rather than a linear search of compile units. Also fast path seeks in the current compile unit
3> Number of units in the executable
- func (d *Data) NumUnit() int
4> Add Lang constants for DW_TAG_compile_unit AT_language field.



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