An easy way to support creating child processes inside their own namespaces
is to extend the syscall.SysProcAttr<http://tip.golang.org/src/pkg/syscall/exec_linux.go#L13>struct with the new flags and have
forkAndExecInChild(...)<http://tip.golang.org/src/pkg/syscall/exec_linux.go#L25>call SYS_UNSHARE between fork and exec.

type SysProcAttr struct {
Chroot string // Chroot.
Credential *Credential // Credential.
Ptrace bool // Enable tracing.
Setsid bool // Create session.
Setpgid bool // Set process group ID to new pid (SYSV
Setctty bool // Set controlling terminal to fd 0
Noctty bool // Detach fd 0 from controlling terminal
Pdeathsig Signal // Signal that the process will get when its
parent dies (Linux only)
+ Newipc bool // Create in new IPC namespace (Linux only)
+ Newnet bool // Create in new network namespace (Linux only)
+ Newns bool // Create in new mount namespace (Linux only)
+ Newpid bool // Create in new PID namespace (Linux only)
+ Newuts bool // Create in new UTS namespace (Linux only)

It's been said<https://groups.google.com/d/topic/golang-nuts/ZHzaQvjH4TA/discussion>this is much trickier than one might think with a threaded runtime. Since
I'm sure forkAndExecInChild() is careful to avoid those dangers, I'm hoping
this extension just takes advantage of that without introducing any new
ones. Does this sound reasonable?

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