I'm developing a web framework called httpize. It's useful for me at the
moment. It's at a higher level than something like Rack. It's meant to make
it easy to factor some logic into parameters for web requests as well as
allowing for common code to be shared among handlers, where each handler
shares a Caller interface implementation.

You can find it here http://github.com/timob/httpize

It's got basic HTTP features at the moment. Need POST support and support
for more HTTP response header options.


type mystring string

func (s mystring) Check() bool {
return s != ""

type MyCaller func(map[string]httpize.Arg) string

func (f MyCaller) Call(args map[string]httpize.Arg) (io.WriterTo,
*httpize.Settings, err) {
return bytes.NewBufferString(f(args)), nil, nil

var _ = httpize.AddType("mystring", func(v string) httpize.Arg {
return mystring(v)

var _ = httpize.Handle("/greet?name mystring", MyCaller( func(args
map[string]httpize.Arg) string {
return "Hello " + args["name"].(string)

now http://host/greet?name=Gopher is available, but http:/host/greet?name=
will give you a 500 error.


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