Hi all,

I'm using Go on Google App Engine. I wanted to have a server-side automatic
image optimizer. I was unable to find one at the time so I created this
package: GAE-Go-image-optimizer<https://github.com/TomiHiltunen/GAE-Go-image-optimizer>

The purpose of that package is to automatically scale down the images and
set the compression rate of the image. The script takes options for
compression / scaling of the images and returns the same kind of values
as blobstore.ParseUploads() would. Once called, the script will check the
just uploaded blobs with blobstore.ParseUploads() and process all the blobs
which match one of the supported image mime-types of Go. With the package
you can save on download times and storage costs.

I would love to hear your take on this. Find it useful? Do you know similar
packages? How can this be made better?

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