Hey Gophers,

I just launched my small webservice called ImportAlias.
It enables you to manage you Go import aliases – and by that I mean, that
you now have an interface to make repositories available via your own
domain using `go get`s meta header[1]. So `go get
code.surmair.de/stacksignal` should now work.

It's an early alpha, where the code hasn't been refactored and not much has
been tested in the wild. I'm pretty confident, though, that everything
should work as intended ;)

I'd appreciate you guys taking a look at it, using it, breaking it and
giving me feedback :)

Hopefully, the on-site documentation is enough to get you started:


Of course, all the code is on my GitHub[2].

Also: If you have an idea how I could call this thing, let me know. The
current name (and therefore the domain) is just bad.


[1]: http://golang.org/cmd/go/#hdr-Remote_import_path_syntax
[2]: https://github.com/surma/importalias

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