The Qiniu Cloud Storage from China is a good example for Go language
practice. The technical founders of Qiniu were core developers of Kingsoft
and Shengda, which are both leading software and Internet companies in
China. They consturcted their products with Go language and enjoyed Go's
simplicity and effectiveness. They even published a wonderful book called
The Go Programming in Chinese.

I'm a reader of The Go Programming ebook on android and I would like to
recommend the company's case for you. Hope you'lll like it too:)


在 2012年8月23日星期四UTC+8下午8时48分10秒,Paul写道:
On Thursday, August 23, 2012 1:17:09 PM UTC+2, Uriel DeLarge wrote:

I see Go language right now at a kind of cross-roads, a junction in the
path. What needs to happen is a major endorsement by a really big
corporation along with a couple of high-profil public success stories.

Aren't this enough?
I did look at that list already a few days ago when I was looking for a
success-story about a very scalable high-load Web-application. I did not
see one, nothing like that was obvious to me from looking at that list. If
you know of one please let me know, however its important to know the
technical details and why it was a success (save time, save money, needs
less hardware etc... ) Thanks.

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  • Anssi Porttikivi at Dec 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm
    The Qiniu page Google translation to Finnish is hilarious. But you get the
    idea: it is about cloud storage... BTW, if ypu want tp attract the chinese,
    a language and culture with good UTF-8 support does not hurt. And I bet my
    ass that 90% of ther next awesomeness in IT comes from China.

    torstai, 23. elokuuta 2012 6.41.54 UTC+3 Steven Degutis kirjoitti:
    Is this in the works? It seems like a logical next step for Google.

    End communique.


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