Hello list,

Still playing with Go:

Hyperfox is a quick and simple, yet effective, security tool for finding
applications that do not encrypt their traffic on a LAN (man in the
middle), it's basically a proxy.

It uses the net/http package and it's modularized and extensible, you could
just import "github.com/xiam/hyperfox" and create an alternate version
adding logger functions (that don't mess with the data), director functions
(that change client request) and intercetor functions (that change server

If an application does not check the validity of the SSL certificate it's
receivig, hyperfox can sniff its HTTPs traffic too. You would be surprised
of how many mobile apps accept bogus certificates.

You could also use hyperfox to debug issues between a client and an HTTP
API server.

The repo is here https://github.com/xiam/hyperfox and you can take a look
at the docs here http://go.pkgdoc.org/github.com/xiam/hyperfox

Remember to report any of your findings to the appropriate vendors.

José Carlos


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