Recently, I posted on the golang-weekly group that I would no longer be
posting new issues. This lead to good number of messages through several
channels about the potential for the community to manage new issues. I
didn't realize how many people enjoyed the project and I'm definitely open
to community assistance. I'm not entirely sure how to manage any of that,

My time for dredging up news is a little limited while I'm closing up shop.
I plan to use Go for most of my side and open source projects, but I don't
know that I could convince people to use it where I'm currently working.
So even if I start using Go personally again, I don't know that I'll be
able to keep on top of the news like I did the past few weeks.

I've had a couple of people offer to take over as well as a few people
offer to moderate or submit new articles. Does anyone have ideas for how
to manage such a process or how to select official posters/submitters?

Please excuse me if this isn't the proper place to post such a topic. I'm
just looking for general community thoughts.

Thank you all for your time.


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