Change ad5d9f8f9be7 caused perf changes on windows-amd64-perf:

runtime: run sighandler on g0 stack on windows

The sighander has been run at the bottom of the
currently executing goroutine stack, but it's in C,
and we don't want C on our ordinary goroutine stacks.
Worse, it does a lot of stuff, and it might need more
stack space. There is scary code in traceback_windows.go
that talks about stack splits during sighandler.
Moving sighandler to g0 will eliminate the possibility
of stack splits and such, and then we can delete
traceback_windows.go entirely. Win


json-1 old new delta
cputime 165000000 159687500 -3.22
time 164848638 159724024 -3.11

json-2 old new delta
cputime 166875000 161250000 -3.37
time 84145875 81273281 -3.41

json-4 old new delta
cputime 169296875 164609375 -2.77
time 42998770 41882766 -2.60

json-8 old new delta
cputime 180031250 173843750 -3.44
time 23072805 22474266 -2.59

json-16 old new delta
time 20470458 20014046 -2.23


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