Reviewers: golang-dev1,

Hello golang-dev@googlegroups.com,

I'd like you to review this change to

cmd/nm: reimplement in Go

The immediate goal is to support the new object file format,
which libmach (nm's support library) does not understand.
Rather than add code to libmach or reengineer liblink to
support this new use, just write it in Go.

The C version of nm reads the Plan 9 symbol table stored in
Go binaries, now otherwise unused.

This reimplementation uses the standard symbol table for
the corresponding file format instead, bringing us one step
closer to removing the Plan 9 symbol table from Go binaries.

Tell cmd/dist not to build cmd/nm anymore.
Tell cmd/go to install cmd/nm in the tool directory.

Please review this at https://codereview.appspot.com/40600043/

Affected files (+443, -428 lines):
    M src/cmd/dist/build.c
    M src/cmd/go/pkg.go
    R src/cmd/nm/Makefile
    M src/cmd/nm/doc.go
    A src/cmd/nm/elf.go
    A src/cmd/nm/goobj.go
    A src/cmd/nm/macho.go
    R src/cmd/nm/nm.c
    A src/cmd/nm/nm.go
    A src/cmd/nm/pe.go


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