Ok, this change is ready to go. Anyone want to take a last look? The only
major change has been to futz with the seed initialization.

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 4:24 AM, wrote:

On 2013/03/07 03:50:01, khr1 wrote:

There doesn't seem to be any obviously good solution. Reading

seems pretty heavyweight. We could enable this with a flag or an
environment variable, but that's a knob that people then need to know
about. We could initialize on first use of a map, but I suspect all
programs create at least one map on startup (flags? environment
variables?). I was pondering using RDTSC + PID, but that probably isn't
enough randomness. I haven't heard of AT_RANDOM before, might be a good
solution for targets that support it, 16 bytes is probably enough.

FYI: Go already uses AT_RANDOM from the auxillary vector. Look for
AT_RANDOM in signal_linux_arm.c. And FWIW, if RDTSC is available, it is
currently used to seed runtime·fastrand1.


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