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Hello r@golang.org (cc: golang-dev@googlegroups.com),

I'd like you to review this change to

go.exp/locale/cldr: Implementation of cldr package, which provides an
API for accessing
the XML files in the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository. It
implements the various
resolution mechanism, like inheritance and alias resolution.
This package is to be used by the table creation tools of the various
packages. A modified exp/locale/collate/maketables.go is included in
this CL as an example.

Note that this package is partially generated. Changes to the CLDR XML
standard are
expected to be backwards compatible. This is typically the case.
However, care should
be taken that this is indeed the case when upgrading the CLDR version.

This CL also fixes several bugs in exp/locale/collate that were the
result of not
handling inheritance according to the CLDR specs.

Please review this at https://codereview.appspot.com/7424057/

Affected files:
A locale/cldr/base.go
A locale/cldr/cldr.go
A locale/cldr/collate.go
A locale/cldr/data_test.go
A locale/cldr/decode.go
A locale/cldr/examples_test.go
A locale/cldr/makexml.go
A locale/cldr/resolve.go
A locale/cldr/resolve_test.go
A locale/cldr/slice.go
A locale/cldr/slice_test.go
A locale/cldr/xml.go
M locale/collate/maketables.go
M locale/collate/tools/colcmp/Makefile
M locale/collate/tools/colcmp/chars.go


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