Reviewers: rsc,

Hello rsc@golang.org (cc: golang-dev@googlegroups.com),

I'd like you to review this change to

exp/locale/collate: preparation for adding Search API. Also changed the
collate API
further to how (I believe) it will end up being.
It is nicer to separate search from sorting functionality. Collation
needs tables that
are not needed by search and vice-versa. The common functionality is
separated out
in the Weigher interface. As this interface is very low-level, it will
be moved to
a sub package (colltab) in a next CL.
The types that will move to this package are Weigher, Elem, and Level.
The addition
of Elem allows for removing some of the duplicate code between collate
and collate/build.
This CL also introduces some stubs for a higher-level API for options.
The default
proposed options are quite complex and require the user to have a decent
of Unicode collation. The new options hide a lot of the complexity.

Please review this at https://codereview.appspot.com/7058051/

Affected files:
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/build/builder.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/build/table.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/colelem.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/colelem_test.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/collate.go
A src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/colltab.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/export.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/export_test.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/table.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/tables.go
M src/pkg/exp/locale/collate/trie.go

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