On 2012/09/26 13:56:29, gns wrote:
issue 4113 affects 2 kind of users:
[1] Users who are mobile - computer is connected-to/disconnected-from domain as
they move about
[2] Servers having AD authentication and running go service - if these have
intermittent network errors
For [1] returning GetUserNameEx() "finally" is ok.
Good. That is what your original problem was about. So that covers it.
[2] which is lot more critical, ...
I am not concerned about that scenario at this stage. Not many people
run Go executables as windows service yet. And, I believe, most of the
time, windows services should be running in "Local System" account.
I was considering having a init function at file level which
initializes itself
with details about the computer (windows version) so that when lookup is done,
appropriate execution path unique to that windows version can be done.
I haven't checked if this is feasible.
How is knowledge of "windows version" going to help you here? What is
wrong with trying all our APIs in turn and stopping when it works?
FYI: The timeout for such users is 20-30 seconds.
That could be a problem. But I do not see how we can avoid it. It is
what it is.

Lastly, I do not think many people use this package. So, I do not want
to put too much effort into it. Also, I would like to keep complexity to
the minimum required.



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