Hey all,

We released version 0.8.2 of generator-angularfire
<https://github.com/firebase/generator-angularfire> and it is available in
the npm registry. This version installs AngularFire 0.8.2 as well as
optional routing, authentication, and account management services. This is
a pretty substantial rewrite and should make the generator much more robust.

With this in mind, please approach upgrades with *beta expectations*. I've
tested thoroughly, but there could be a kink or two left if you have an
exceptional configuration.

One item that has already been noted by generator-angular and our beta
testers is that this does not work with wiredep 1.9.x. Please


    - Upgraded to AngularFire 0.8.2 (versions will now be in sync)
    - Now forked from generator-angular for easier upgrade path
    - No longer necessary to do yo angular before yo angularfire
    - CoffeeScript support
    - Better use of resolve method in routers
    - More streamlined auth process (simpler simpleLogin service)
    - Added Google auth provider
    - Added anonymous auth provider

Have feedback? Please use the issue tracker
<https://github.com/firebase/generator-angularfire/issues> for questions
and suggestions!


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