Hi there, all.

I've got a project I'm building on my own, and I would love to partner with
I'm about to start beta-testing an app I built using angularfire (on
The right partner would be someone with some experience building
deployment-ready mobile web apps and desktop websites. I'm not wedded to
the stack I've chosen, but firebase's real-time capabilities are a big
selling point, and GeoFire seems a likely next step.

The beta tester is a former colleague/potential client, working in the
transportation space with an existing customer-base of tech giants.

Of course I have no money for now, but an enormous vision in an exciting
space, and potential traction just around the corner. I am willing to share
equity with the right contributor(s). Would prefer to be able to meet
locally as needed, so the closer to Oakland, CA, the better.

Forgive me if this is not the proper forum for a post like this. Please
advise if you know a better place.

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