I'm hacking up a system to manage attendees at a camp.

I have a Person model (which might be better as a customer UserModel, still
not sure).

There are multiple types of people - e.g. camp attendees, staff,
supervisors etc.

Each person that is a camp attendee will also have an "Attendance" model
associated with it (but other types of people will not have one).

If you think I'm better off modelling it a different way (e.g. abstract
models, or some kind of inheritance), I'm open to suggestions.

This is my models.py fragment for Attendance:

class Attendance(models.Model):
person = models.OneToOneField(Person)
stream = models.ForeignKey(Stream)
subjects = models.ManyToManyField(Subject)
camp = models.ForeignKey(Camp)

This is my admin.py for Person:

class AttendanceInline(admin.TabularInline):
model = Attendance

class PersonAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
date_hierarchy = 'date_of_birth'
fieldsets = (
('Personal Details', {
'fields': ('first_name', 'middle_name', 'last_name', 'gender',
'date_of_birth', 'passport_number', 'working_with_children_check', 'photo',
'school', 'home_church')
('Contact Details', {
'fields': ('email', 'phone_number', 'postal_address',
('Other - think of a better name', {
'fields': ('serving_church', 'supervisor', 'year_12')
inlines = [

admin.site.register(Person, PersonAdmin)

and my admin.py for Attendance:

class AttendanceAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
filter_horizontal = ['subjects']

When I edit a Person model, I want to have an inline for Attendance, and in
that, use a filter_horizontal widget for "subjects".

However, currently, AttendanceAdmin on it's own has the filter_horizontal,
but the inline does not.

This ticket seems to imply it should work:


hence I'm assuming I've wired up something wrong in the above - any


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