I am using django-crispy form to layout some of the form fields as
shown below so that the first_name, last_name appear in one row, same
with primary_number, email etc.
Also I have set the label to blank and using place holder to display
hints to user.

                             Div('last_name',css_class='span2 offset4'),
                             Div('primary_number',css_class='span2 '),
                             Div('email',css_class='span2 offset4'),

         self.fields['first_name'].label = ""
         self.fields['first_name'].widget.attrs['placeholder'] = u'First Name'
         self.fields['last_name'].label = ""
         self.fields['last_name'].required = True
         self.fields['last_name'].widget.attrs['placeholder'] = u'Last Name'

And the form looks like shown here -


However I would like to show similar form during "edit" view such that
  label for the field appears on the top

First Name Last Name
<text-field-with-current-value> <text-field-with-current-value>

Is there way to do that? I can also go with that scheme while adding
new entry as well.
I guess I need to find a way to arrange label vertically when using crispy-form

If this can't be done in crispy-form are there other layout packages
that would allow me to do that?


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