#9373: "This field is required" error even on empty inlines formsets in the admin
model page, when hiding a choice field of a custom form.
      Reporter: tyrion.mx@… | Owner: schacki
          Type: Bug | Status: assigned
     Component: Forms | Version: 1.7-alpha-1
      Severity: Normal | Resolution:
      Keywords: admin, inlines | Triage Stage: Accepted
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   Needs tests: 0 | Patch needs improvement: 0
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Comment (by anonymous):

  I could verify this issue for 1.7-beta. However, the root cause is not
  related to Inlines. So let me set up a new example to explain in more

  # models.py
  from django.db import models

  class MyModel(models.Model):
      a = models.CharField(max_length=10)

  # forms.py
  from django import forms
  from . import models

      (0, 'x'),
      (1, 'y'),
      (2, 'z')

  class MyForm(forms.ModelForm):
      b = forms.IntegerField(label='d', initial=0,
      class Meta:
          model = models.MyModel

  # admin.py
  from django.contrib import admin
  from . import models, forms

  class MyAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
      model = models.MyModel
      form = forms.MyForm
      fields = ['a']

  admin.site.register(models.MyModel, MyAdmin)

  '''1. MyForm'''
  The resulting form MyForm would have the form fields 'a' and 'b'. This
  behavior is documented and supposed to be like that.

  '''2. MyAdmin Form'''
  MyAdmin has the form attribute. This form contains the fields 'a' and 'b'.
  At the same time it has the fields attribute, which only refers to 'a'.
  This seemingly contradictory information is resolved as follows: the
  AdminModel calls the modelform_factory with form=MyForm and fields=['a'].
  The modelform_ factory works like a normal ModelForm described in 1. I.e.
  the resulting form contains the the fields 'a' and 'b'

  '''3. MyAdmin rendering'''
  However, for rendering, the ModelAdmin refers either to its field or
  fieldsets attribute. Thus, the field 'b' will not be rendered, also it is
  available in the form.

  '''4. MyAdmin Form Validation'''
  For any kind of validation, the generated form with fields 'a' and 'b' is
  used, also only field 'a' was available in the rendered form. This
  conflict has generated the issue, that has been described in the ticket.

  Bottom line: the behavior is as implemented (possibly as expected by the
  experts) and there are numerous situations, where it is required, e.g.
  UserAdmin. Nevertheless, this behavior is not expected and very hard to
  anticipate, especially by beginners. And debugging is very, very
  difficult, since it reveals itself only very late in the form handling

  Possible resolutions:

  '''A. Won't Fix'''
   A "won't fix" is therefore not appropriate.

  '''B. Raise Warning'''
  It could be checked during the ModelAdmin instantiation, if we have less
  fields for display than we we have in the form and raise a warning.
  However, this would annoy people, who set it up like that on purpose.

  '''C. Raise Error'''
  Like B, but raise an error; wich backwards incompatible and probably not
  worth the effort

  '''D. Implement a Check'''
  A check (as part of the 1.7 application check), could identify such
  situations and raise warnings. I am not sure if and how this would be
  possible (never done it).

  '''E. Amending fields/fieldsets/exclude'''
  If a check identifies the mismatch between admin fields and formfields, we
  a) add the missing field(s) to the admin fields list
  b) add the missing field(s) to the admin formfields; however this could
  only be a plug, since it is not clear, where to add it in the fieldsets
  c) add the missing field(s) to the admin exclude list, since exclude takes
  All 3 options might be backwards incompatible

  '''F. Amending form generation'''
  If a check identifies the mismatch between admin fields and formfields, we
  could adapt the provided form such that the critical field(s) is removed
  from the form. This might be backwards incompatible.

Ticket URL: <https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/9373#comment:7>
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