Recently i was experimenting with Clojure and web stack and created kind of
non-standart web app. It doesn't use routing there are no any urls there.
This app is mostly "One page apps". Instead of routes i used id's and
Let me explain:
I used "Noir" and "fetch" libs and logic of interaction was something like

User clicks link with some id -> i bind this even to js/cljs function ->
this function calls function on the server
-> that returns appropriate HTML code -> cljs function inserts that code
at right place in the page.

Function on the server calls controller function -> controller function
gets data and insert that data into the template -> and returns HTML code
as string

app.cljs file
(defn show-user-info [mid e]
(prevent e)
(let [a (attr ($ mid) :profile)]
(.dialog ($ "#user-info-box") "open")
(remote (show-user a) [result]
(inner ($ "#user-info-box") result)))

This method calls show-user function on the server and send it appropriate

main.clj file on the server
;Show user profile info

(defremote show-user [a]
(pa/user-profile-pa a)

This function returns HTML code as a string

partials.clj file
(defpartial user-profile-pa [uid]
(map user-profile-box (mprof/get-profile uid))

This function joins data and template via *map* function. It is something
like controller.

user-profile-box is a template like so:
(defpartial user-profile-box [{:keys [uname city site business profimg age
[:img {:src profimg }]]
[:li (str "Name: " uname)]
(if city [:li (str "City: " city)])
(if business [:li (str "Business: " business)])
(if site [:li (str "Site: " site)])
(if age [:li (str "Age: " age)])
This partial gets data from (mprof/get-profile uid) call

I found this approach pretty insteresting and simple though it's not mature
and can be improved a lot. What you think about that ?

I've seen this approach in Lift - scala framework and something like this
is implemented in Meteor.

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