Sam Ritchie (Cascalog developer) will be doing an intensive 3 day
training course in Cascalog prior to the Clojure/West conference in
San Jose - March 13-15, $1900. If you're interested in getting a deep
course in Cascalog and everything you might want to do with it,
registration is now open.

Training registration:
Conference registration:
Course info (included below):

What you'll learn:

Cascalog is a data-processing library written in Clojure that lets you
manipulate data at any scale, from local datasets at the REPL to
hundreds of terabytes on the Hadoop platform. Cascalog treats data
queries as first-class entities, allowing you to build up domain-
specific libraries for your projects and only write code that matters.

In this workshop, you'll master the Cascalog API by writing dozens of
queries and working through dozens of problems. We'll start with
functions, inner and outer joins, aggregation, and how to compose
queries into rock-solid Cascalog workflows.
From there we'll discuss advanced techniques like dynamic query
generation and test-driven development. By the end of these three days
you'll have all the tools to start working with Cascalog in

Course Outline:

Day 1
- Getting Started - executing queries, interactive Cascalog
- What is Cascalog?
- Core Concepts - Cascalog predicates, queries
- Thinking in MapReduce
- Mastering the API - option predicates, taps

Day 2
- Functional programming at scale
- Queries as functions on data
- Generators as sets
- Optimizing Cascalog queries
- Advanced Cascalog
- Dynamic query generation
- Dynamic predicate macros
- Cascalog "gotchas" and best practices

Day 3
- Test-driven big data
- Debugging Cascalog
- TDD with Midje
- Example projects
- Next steps
- Elastic MapReduce
- Lucene
- Generating key-value indexes with ElephantDB

Alex Miller

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