i actually have the same issue but how can i put it in view when if i edit
my user profile? i have Users and UserProfile table
On Sunday, August 8, 2010 10:16:16 PM UTC+8, Mariano C. wrote:

I have books and users table. Both tables have id field as PK, and
both have respective Book and User model and controllers.

There's a third table called books_users, this table have an id field
as PK and two FK called user_id and book_id.

There's a lot of books in the books table, and logged in user can
choice to add a book to his collection, to do this is necessary to add
a row on books_users table with choosen book's id and logged in user's

Actually I do this through a function add() in the controller
BooksUsersController and relative view and model (BookUser).
There's a smarter way to do this.
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