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Hello all,

I have tow controller, with name of asycontroller, and askcontroller.

class saycontroller extends AppController
var $name = 'Asks';
var $helpers = array('Html', 'Form', 'Session', 'Time', 'Paginator');
var $components = array('Session', 'Auth', 'RequestHandler');
var $paginate = array(
'fields' => array('', 'Ask.question', 'Ask.user_id'),
'limit' => 10,
'order' => array( '' => 'desc')

function all()
$ask = $this->paginate();
if (!empty($this->params['requested']))
return $ask;
$this->set('askList', $ask);

Now from my ask controller i call all action with the help of

$askList = $this->requestAction(array("controller"=>"Ask","action"=>"all"));

but i am not able to access all pagination value of my saycontroller/all.

How can i access paginate and of my saycontoller to askcontoller.

Please help me.

I have try some solutions but i am not success with that


function index()
$askList = $this->Ask->paginate('Ask');
//$askList =

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