This is an old post. But I happen to meet a similar problem.
I need to process the video frame, and then present on the screen, and save
to a video file.

From what I researched, it seems the previewFrame can not fit the
One ID said: "The preview callback is merely giving you a sample of the
actual video capture, not the entire video capture -- since most 15fps
videos will still look smooth, the preview callback is only giving you a
lower resolution, lower fps preview version of the actual video being
captured. Even the built-in samsung capture application will only show the
preview version, because that's all the preview interface is being given."

So preview is only for presentation purpose. The real frame needs to be
from video recording.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2012 10:32:25 AM UTC-6, Philipp wrote:

Since many members have talked/asked about OpenCV and speed, I was
wandering what would be the FPS if no processing is done.
In order to achieve that, I modified "tutorial-2-opencvcamera" and
commented out this line
bmp = processFrame(mCamera);
so basically, what's left is just the time of mCamera.grab()

Surprisingly, I got ~10FPS (in average even less) even for the
smallest image size (width = 128, height = 96) on my Samsung Galaxy
Nexus !
Do u guys have any idea why?

I'm afraid that if that's the case, no matter how optimized our code
is written - will never achieve better than 10FPS.

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