Hi all,

I am trying to put together a people detector code using HOG descriptor,
but I have a problem figuring out one of the parameters in the HOG Android

Right now I have this snippet of code:

Mat pic_mat = new Mat();
Utils.bitmapToMat(picture, pic_mat);

HOGDescriptor hog = new HOGDescriptor(new Size(new Point(64, 128)),

new Size(new Point(16, 16)), new Size(new Point(8, 8)),

new Size(new Point(8, 8)), 9);

MatOfFloat descriptors = HOGDescriptor.getDefaultPeopleDetector();

MatOfPoint found = new MatOfPoint();


* hog.detect(pic_mat, found, new MatOfDouble());*
What's bolded above is where I got stuck. I don't understand what the
"weight" parameter on the detect() function meant for. Even the C API
doesn't have it, so what am I supposed to put in there?

If someone could help me out or point me to an Android sample code that
uses HOG descriptor, that would also be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot!


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