I developed one Android app using OpenCV and tesseract-android.
We press a button to takes one photo (), then binarizes the photo, then
output the ocr result.
We could contine to press the button to take another photo, and then go on.
The UI is based on this link "Making an OCR Android App using Tesseract -
Gautam Gupta's Blog"<http://gaut.am/making-an-ocr-android-app-using-tesseract/>

But sometimes after several rounds of photo-binarization-ocr procedure, it
crashes. The number of several rounds varies from 1 to about 5.

One snippet of the log information is below:

12-26 01:05:13.562: I/DEBUG(2610): debuggerd: Mar 30 2012 16:30:48
12-26 01:05:13.652: D/InputManagerService(130): Got RemoteException sending
setActive(false) notification to pid 2569 uid 10111
12-26 01:05:13.652: W/InputManagerService(130): [startInputLocked] Enable
input method client.
12-26 01:05:14.102: D/dalvikvm(666): GC_CONCURRENT freed 387K, 46% free
3223K/5895K, external 0K/0K, paused 7ms+3ms
12-26 01:05:15.694: D/dalvikvm(130): GC_EXPLICIT freed 174K, 36% free
7592K/11847K, external 1584K/2096K, paused 123ms
12-26 01:05:16.034: D/skia(1653): purging 22K from font cache [3 entries]
12-26 01:05:16.094: D/dalvikvm(1653): GC_EXPLICIT freed 1152K, 68% free
3431K/10503K, external 388K/900K, paused 67ms
12-26 01:05:16.335: D/StatusBarPolicy(229): onSignalStrengthsChanged
12-26 01:05:16.335: D/StatusBarPolicy(229): iconIndex=1
12-26 01:05:16.335: V/StatusBarPolicy(229): cdmaLevel:1;max:6
12-26 01:05:16.335: D/StatusBarPolicy(229): iconLevel:1
12-26 01:05:16.345: D/StatusBarService(229): updateIcon slot=phone_signal
index=20 viewIndex=15 old=StatusBarIcon(pkg=com.android.systemui
id=0x7f02000c level=0 visible=true num=0 )
icon=StatusBarIcon(pkg=com.android.systemui id=0x7f02000d level=0
visible=true num=0 )
12-26 01:05:16.375: V/CSEvent(666): CSEvent::SetError[0]
12-26 01:05:16.375: V/run::sending to native(666): parameter count[2]
12-26 01:05:18.046: D/StatusBarPolicy(229): onSignalStrengthsChanged
12-26 01:05:18.046: D/StatusBarPolicy(229): iconIndex=1
12-26 01:05:18.056: V/StatusBarPolicy(229): cdmaLevel:1;max:6

I assume the app crashes at the point:
12-26 01:05:16.375: V/run::sending to native(666): parameter count[2]

Then what problem happens to crash?
How can I solve it?
I suspect the memory might be used too much and put the app on the verge of
crash, since the former version of the app, which uses less memory, does
not have crash issue.
But since the app can run successfully for several rounds, that means the
memory should be enough. How can I solve it?


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