Hi all,

I am porting android jelly bean to a new device. I am have ported android
kernel stuffs into my linux kerne by using the patches from android kernel
from their source code.

I have also added the device(very basic stuffs not wifi etc) files.

Now I am supposed to add display to my device. I am not concerned about
hardware acceleration in the initial steps. I just want the display.
So I am supposed to add android display HAL. I am confused with three
1) HWcomposer HAL.
2) Gralloc.
3) Framebuffer.

The confusion that I am running through is that, I just want the basic
display to work. What I am suppoesed to do for this.
Do I need to write HWcomposer, gralloc and framebuffer.

If I am supposed to do this can anybody point me to some documents
regarding the same.

Also will the display be up if I implement only gralloc and Framebuffer.

Thank you,
Best Regards,
A G Megharaj

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