Sorry for my english.

We have developed a Nodejs server for sending Push Notifications and we are
having a high number of 401 responses from GCM.

We have been runing this platform for months and rencently we have sent a
bigger than ussual batch of notifs (about 650k) and the problem has
appeared. The first time we sent this huge batch, about half of the notifs
get the 401 response, we filter then and retry the rejected notifications,
and again almost half where ok and the rest got 401 error.

We are serving to several applications from this platform with several
servers sending pushes for all the applications, and the problem is
affecting to other applications too. So I suspect about blacklisting.

I have been reading the GCM Docs about error
codes: http://developer.android.com/google/gcm/http.html#error_codes but
possible causes list seems not matching with our problem.

Please, can you tell me if there is another possible causes that we can

Best regards,
Fernando Sanz.

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