I created a demo app which uses GCM. I am able to receive message when the
device is connected to network or when i manually stop the
application(Settings -> Apps -> Running). But when i force stop the
application (Setting -> Apps -> Downloaded) and send a message through GCM,
I am not getting the message( This is also an expected behavior). But when
i explicitly open the application, I should get the message when the app
was forcefully killed right?( GCM will queue the message until app comes
online.) This is not happening, but i am able to get any message sent after
that using GCM when the app comes online. This is how I populate the data:
         Map<String, Object> androidMessageMap = new HashMap<String,
         //androidMessageMap.put("collapse_key", "Id:1");
         androidMessageMap.put("data", getData());
         //androidMessageMap.put("delay_while_idle", false);
         //androidMessageMap.put("time_to_live", 1250000);
         //androidMessageMap.put("dry_run", false);
         return jsonify(androidMessageMap);

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