I am currently developing an application using google cloud push
notifications and I have a couple of questions.
I had a look at the application that you are recommending to use for
sending notifications (https://code.google.com/p/gcm/source/checkout) and I
noticed that there is no handling when Google Cloud sends a Retry-After
header but the documentation says "Honor the Retry-After header if it's
included in the response from the GCM server."
Is it really mandatory to honor the Retry-After?

Another question I have is regarding the sending of multiple notifications
at the same time (from multiple threads). For example if I send three
concurrent notifications probably all of them will receive the same
Retry-After header. Is there any problem with doing this? Can my
application be blacklisted?

How does Retry-After mix with the specified exponential backoff delay? Do I
only need to perform exponential backoff delay when not receiving the
Retry-After header?

Many thanks,
Alexandra Gheorghe

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