I am trying to understand more about the orientation in Android.

However, when I trace to WindowOrientationlistener.java

the following configuration confuses me.

// The minimum amount of time that must have elapsed since the device stopped
     // swinging (time since device appeared to be in the process of being put down
     // or put away into a pocket) before the proposed rotation can change.
     private static final long PROPOSAL_MIN_TIME_SINCE_SWING_ENDED_NANOS =
     NANOS_PER_MS * 300;

Well, from what it's been defined,

I assume if I keep swinging the device and then suddenly stop, the device
will wait 300 ms to do the rotation.

However, when I changed the value to 3000ms (which is 3 secs), I expect the
device will wait 3 secs to do the rotation but the orientation changed in 1

Did I misunderstand the meaning of this constant? how to do the test for


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