Once in a while I see problems that are just weird.

A customer said that certain functionality was failing. We put in an
explicit check to see if we were failing to do something basic, create a

Now they get a message instead of a more silent or confusing failure.

Unable to create folder: /storage/sdcard1/navigator/<apname>/archives

             File archiveDir = new File("
                 boolean success = archiveDir.mkdirs();

Note that /storage/sdcard1/navigator/<apname>/ is already created (by the
app) and has a few or maybe a gazillion other folders under that, also
created by mkdirs.

But mkdirs is returning false.

The person went to the file explorer and manually created that folder and a
few subfolders under it. The app continued on and worked.

That person had Hisense Sero 7 Pro
Another user reported this, I don't what device model yet.
I expect there will be more since we have only recently shown any such
message to users, and suspected it may have failed silently or confusingly
before that.

Would some devices be using "archives" as some sort of reserved word on
their filesystem?
Why would the user be able to create that folder when the app cannot, given
it has already created many peers to it?


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