I've noticed that none of the (main) gps addons for android... (at
least the galaxy ones such as Back Country Navigator) can hold a
candle to the 'Maps'(+ google) app, that came on my Verizon galaxy
note 2, pre-installed.

At least in the 'maps' department, the 'Maps' app has way more range
for scoping in on certain areas or for finding specific addresses etc.

Maps is even a few orders of magnitude better than my $500 stand alone
Garmin Oregon... At least in that one narrow area ... maps.

I wonder if there is any possibility of someone who codes gps stuff
coming up with an addon for 'Maps' that supplies the main missing
ingredient that would make it a full gps wonder
tool.... waypoints/tracks manager.

Some handy way to combine the setting of 'waypoints' or pre setting
'tracks (routes) like one finds on decent stand alone gps tools, with
the existing features of the 'Maps' app would create a really high
performance gps tool.

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