Hello all,
I am learning Akka IO, Akka persistance and Akka Cluster Sharding on a one pet
project called "redikka" <https://github.com/tabdulradi/redikka> (Trying to
implement Redis server protocol).
I followed activator template "akka-cluster-sharding-scala", but I modified
alot. Now I am blocked and I need help.

In my Main.scala
I create 3 Actor systems, I call ClusterSharding(system).start on each of
them, the Sharding start code is written in Redikka.scala

When I test the application, by running:
sbt redikka-tcp/run
then after waiting until the server starts listening, I run:
sbt redikka-tests/test
Everything works as expected until I reach this log message:

[DEBUG] [07/11/2014 00:50:42.704]
Request shard [79] home
Then nothing happens! I don't see any logs from my Persistent Actor (
It didn't get created.

I can't see what I did wrong here, any help/notes will be very appreciated
Thanks in advance.

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