I've been playing around with Akka for a bit in order to see if it will be
a good fit for my project.
I have some basic concerns before I get going and I was just wondering if
anyone here had
already done something similar or if you could point me in the right
direction. So on to the project:

Assume that I have access to a large number of devices. These devices all
vary in capabilities
and they are spread over a large area. Basically I want to implement a CEP
system that can
run on these devices.

A user would request for my system to execute a task-graph. Lets say that
the user actually
supplies us with a bunch of actors that will communicate with each other
and would run in a
distributed manner on the different devices.

When this graph has been given to us, some actors will have a specific
device that they need
to run on due to some hardware capability, for example a sensor or an
actuator. The other actors
would need to be deployed onto nearby devices. It would also be necessary
to reconfigure
this on-the-fly, so that I can move an actor between two devices without
interrupting the
execution of the task. Possibly also replicate an actor on another device.

Now on to the questions:

I would need the actors to be oblivious to the fact that I have replicated
other actors or if they
are moved to another location(device). What is the best option here when it
comes to sending

* Should I use a router between each actor pair?
* Should I use a pub/sub system for each communication link pair?
* Should I use a balancing dispatcher for each pair?
* Should I use cluster sharding and does that work when I am sending
messages between
different types of actors?

When moving an actor with a state I think I might try to use snapshots
rather than persisting
the state after each message and just start a new actor based on that
snapshot. I haven't tried
this yet but from reading the documentation it seemed pretty
straight-forward. Are there any
obvious faults in an approach like this that I fail to see?

If the runtime on a remote device does not have a specific actor class is
there a way for me to
send a jar file or some other way to send code so that it can be
dynamically loaded?


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