�Is there any body running Powerhouse on Oracle / Sybase ?

I`ve got a few questions I`d like to ask...


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  • Arianna Veronesi at Jan 3, 1996 at 4:17 am
    I have a problem about Oracle Forms.
    I have a table with a column 'col' declared as char(8). If I make a select ...
    from ...
    where col='value' where value is a a string less than 8 characters, the Oracle
    retrieves also this record, while Forms doesn't retrieve it. I have checked with
    the debugger the query that it produced and it is the same that I have tried
    on Oracle database. I have also tried to apply a rpad to the string in order to
    the blanks but it doesn't change anything and I can't manipulate the query
    because it
    is made automatically by the execute_query in Forms.

    Arianna Veronesi
  • Rajesh Batra at Jan 3, 1996 at 4:28 am
    try blank padding

    (ltrim / rtrim) as char fields have trailing blanks
  • Ian Skepper at Jan 3, 1996 at 5:21 am
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    Dear All,

    I am currently having a problem with the DBMS_SQL dynamic SQL package.
    I have a function EXEC_SQL which parses and executes the SQL statement
    which is passed to it and returns the value of SQLCODE. This works fine
    for one of my requirements which is to be able to CREATE USER..., ALTER
    USER..., DROP USER... etc. However when I try to create a view even as
    then I get ORA-1031 insufficient priveleges. Executing the statement from
    SQL*PLUS as the same user creates the view with no problem.
    Can anyone help?


    Ian Skepper

    Legal & General
  • Rajesh Batra at Jan 3, 1996 at 5:41 am
    The answer to your problem is given in a manual called 'Oracle Server7
    Addendum documentation'. People I always say RTFM (Read the Freaking Manual).

  • Srinivas N.Reddy at Jan 3, 1996 at 7:03 am
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    Hi friends,

    I have purchased a product called SAMMI which runs on motif for xhmmi.Has
    someone used the same product on oracle server for human machine interface?
    please reply to my email address:nsr_at_sunws2.cmc.stph.net

  • Pisano Fiore at Jan 7, 1996 at 3:35 pm
    Hello Oracle friends
    Anyone could tell me if the book "Oracle Backup & Recovery Handbook" is from
    Oracle Corporation or for another company ?

    Thanks in advance ?

    Pisano Fiore
  • Oracle7 at Jan 9, 1996 at 12:16 pm

    I have a question hoping some1 outthere can help me . Here is the scenario:

    We have system A and B in a network...(HP9000s, HP-UX 9.xx)
    Oracle software (7.1.14) and our financial database (4GB) are
    installed on partition 1,2, 3 on system A; these partitions are
    also cross-mounted on system B. Due to this arangement,
    We are able to start up Oracle instances on either system A or B.
    To use the oracle Database user must be login to system A.
    User from system B would like to access to the database on system A
    transparently,ie: telnet or rlogin is somehow too hard for them :-)

    We tried to address this problem by making a login script
    to let user from system B pick a menu option then do a
    automatic rlogin to system A then activate the SQL*form etcc.
    But our System Admin does not like the idea because the script involced
    temporary replace the user .login file .

    Can we handle this issue using SQL*Net in this arrangement ? Do we need
    to purchase a separated copy of SQL*Net for system "B" ?

    Thanks in advance

    Michael Ho
    Materiel Test Directorate
    White Sand Missile Range
  • Sankara Subramanian at Jan 11, 1996 at 8:52 am
    hi guys and gals,
    when I am trying to execute a procedure I am getting following errors.

    ORA-01031: insufficient privileges
    ORA-06512: AT "SYS.DBMS_SYS_SQL", line 239
    ORA-06512: AT "SYS.DBMS_SQL", line 25

    what kind of previlege do I need to have to execute this procedure??
    I created this procedure and I assume that I should all the priveleges.
    shouldn't I??????



  • Gary Pederson at Jan 12, 1996 at 6:12 pm
    I am looking for a way to get sql "order by" to produce an EBCDIC sort
    (alpha before numeric). I am using Oracle 7.2, english language on an ascii
  • Sriram Krishnan at Jan 15, 1996 at 12:35 pm
    Is it possible to approximately estimate how much disk space a export of the
    full oracle database will occupy.



    Email : krishnan_at_panasun.panasonicfa.com
  • Sai Prasad at Jan 17, 1996 at 1:01 am
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    Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 11:11:35 -0500 (IST)
    From: "S.S.K.Prasad"
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    set oracle-l digest
  • Justin Lane at Jan 17, 1996 at 1:34 am
    ��To drop a column:

    create table 'tablename' as select col1, col2... from the original table,
    selecting only the columns you wish to keep.

    You will also need to recreate any table constraints and indexes.

    This approach seems a little inelegant, hopefully someone might have a
    better suggestion.

    Justin Lane
    Information Architect
    Eli Lilly Australia
  • Mark A Singer at Jan 17, 1996 at 7:36 pm
    As most of you may be aware, Oracle is dropping support of their ODBC
    product. Also, I believe support for SQL*NET V1 will no loger be
    supported by Oracle after June of this year. Lastly, to move to Oracle
    7.3, you must be on SQL*NET V2. This may not be a problem for your
    organization, but it is for us.

    We have VB3 anc C++ applications that utilize ODBC and Q+E LIB from
    Intersolv to interface with Oracle from Windows. With the drop of support
    of Oracle's ODBC we are now faced with having to buy ODBC drivers from
    Oracle, Visigenic, or other vendors. This is very costly due to cost per
    seat and/or site liscense.

    Intersolv's Q+E LIB does not support SQL*NET V2. To be able to migrate to
    SQL*NET V2 for applications that use Q+E LIB and not rewrite any code, we
    could use DataDirect from Intersolv. This is the son of Q+E LIB. Again
    this would be very costly.

    Do any of you have this same problem? If so, what are you doing about it?

    Also, do any of you have experience with Oracle Objects for OLE?

    Thanks ...... Mark
  • Mark A Singer at Jan 18, 1996 at 5:05 pm
    Hi Francisco and Bambi,

    I am aware of the other vendors. My concern really has to do with cost.
    Some vendors want to charge $100 per seat. That could add up quickly into
    the hundred of thousands. I also realize that these vendors may also give

    I am really looking for other solutions, such as changing our applications
    to use Oracle Objects for OLE or some other means. I am also looking for
    into a three-tiered approach to minimize seat liscensing. Have you or any
    one else looked at this.

    There is one more level of complication to all of this. 99% of our
    workstations are Windows 3.1. I expect we will move to Window's 95 before
    the end of the year. Thus, we may be looking at a Window's 95 solution.

    Thanks for your comments ...................Mark
    ----------------------[Reply - Original Message]----------------------

    Sent by:Francisco Franco
    Hi Bambi and Mark,

    As one who has just gone through this with Oracle, I tend to agree with
    Bambi. Oracle will not cut support for ODBC, but on the other hand they
    do make it very easy not to Oracle for support on the product. When
    to our sales rep, she quoted me a support cost for ODBC of about 10 times
    the product cost of ODBC. She did not say that they wouldn't support it,
    they just made it cost so much that it didn't make sence to go ahead and
    get the product from Oracle. Actually, uur sales rep more or less told
    us that we should probably contact Intersolv directly rather than going
    through Oracle.

    That's what we are doing. If you have access to Microsoft's WWW page,
    they have a document at their site that lists a lot of ODBC vendors, their
    specialty and how to contact them for more information on their products.
    I don't remember the name of the WWW page, but if you use their search
    tool, I'm sure that it will find that document for you. That same
    can also be accessed through their FAXBACK number.
    At 11:56 AM 18/01/96 EST, you wrote:
    Mark --

    In a case like this, it sounds like a timing issue (Oracle's cutting
    off support before your vendor comes up to speed), and you are likely
    not to be the only one in a bind. If I were you, I'd call Oracle,
    explain the situation to them, and ask them if they'd support you in
    your environment until the other vendor certified their release on
    the latest technology. Oracle is reasonable (especially if you're
    a "good customer" or the number of customers is "sufficient", and,
    no I don't know the definitions of either of those terms).

    ______________________________ Reply Separator
    As most of you may be aware, Oracle is dropping support of their ODBC
    product. Also, I believe support for SQL*NET V1 will no loger be supported
    by Oracle after June of this year. Lastly, to move to Oracle 7.3, you must
    be on SQL*NET V2. This may not be a problem for your organization, but it
    is for us.

    Francisco Franco Aerocomp Consulting Inc
    Systems Administrator/Oracle DBA 2555 Thomas St, Unit #8
    ffranco_at_interlog.com Mississauga, Ont
    Tel: (905) 813-7148 L5M 5P6

  • Mark Saltzman at Jan 18, 1996 at 6:48 pm

    I am also looking for
    into a three-tiered approach to minimize seat liscensing.
    Just a note on 3-tier and licensing. Oracle's definition of concurrent
    devices when connected to a multiplexing front-end (3rd tier for some
    implementations) is the devices connected to the MULTIPLEXING
    FRONT-END. Not the number of connections from the multiplexing
    front-end to the data base.

    Mark Saltzman, Assistant Director
    Information Systems, University of Wisconsin-Extension
    432 North Lake Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1498
    TEL: 608.263.3084 / FAX: 608.262.2343
  • Daniel Desrochers at Jan 29, 1996 at 4:20 pm


    Daniel Desrochers

    T l: (514) 868-8471
    Fax: (514) 868-7573
    Email: DDesroch_at_t l globe.ca
  • Graham Nash at Jan 31, 1996 at 9:52 am

    Internet gnash_at_uk.oracle.com Senior Support Consultant
    Tel :- 01344 787468 Post Sales Support - Tools
    Internal :- 7468 The Ring
    Fax :- 01344 415100 Bracknell

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