Just one final plug for RAC Attack. If you know anyone who's going to
OpenWorld and is interested in RAC, then please forward this email to them.

The basic idea is to facilitate some community-driven direct mentoring.
Every day from 9am to 1pm, find our table in the OTN Lounge and we’ll
help you get an 11gR2 RAC cluster database running inside virtual
machines on your own windows-based laptop. You can experiment – if you
make a mistake then you won’t have to start over; we can easily “reset”
your virtual machines to any point. Also we’ll have experienced RAC DBAs
on hand to answer any questions you come up with.

Details are at http://racattack.org/e
Also I wrote a blog post about it at

Hope to see you there. :)


PS - It’s not required, but to have the best experience we recommend
bringing a USB-powered external hard drive with 100G of free space – you
can buy one online for about $40.

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