Unless I am missing something obvious, within the run{} section of the duplicate script, try:

SET ARCHIVELOG DESTINATION TO '/somefilesystem/somedir/';

Pardon me if this is showing up thrice or so. I sent this reply from another account yesterday and against today - and haven't seen it yet.

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Subject: RMAN duplicate question regarding archivelog file locations on different server

I'm running a duplicate command to clone a database over to a dev server and the disk drive letters are different on the secondary server for the archivelogs. My backup disk location is the same on both servers.

Is there a way when doing a duplicate to tell RMAN to look in an alternate location than where the primary sends its archivelogs?

I'm receiving the RMAN-06025: no backup of log thread 1 seq 93814 lowscn 8775725044 found to restore error since the archivelog paths are different.

To get around this, I've backed up the archivelogs on the primary and copied those backups and I believe the restore will work from that point but it seems like there should be an easy way to have alternate file locations when doing a duplicate.


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