If you can use the online keyword then DML can happen concurrently, if not,
then not. You don't give a reason for your desire to spend resources doing a
rebuild, for a table with few writes my presumption would be that a rebuild
wouldn't help with any problem you might have (you don't describe one) on
the other hand since I prefer to do maintenance out of hours or during low
activity then it might do your overtime hours some good. There's a rather
important football match Sunday - that might make a good time.

Niall Litchfield

On Jul 9, 2010 3:51 AM, "dd yakkali" wrote:

i have a big table ( 10 GB ) which has an index on a number field. Index is
almost same size as the table and I want to rebuild the index
the database is very active and the table is also very active read about
100K times in 20 minutes and few writes as well. I want to know during the
index rebuild process, does oracle allow writing to the table ( insert into
that table) ?

Please let me know, i am kind of lazy to do test.


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