Just earlier I was also recovering a "critical test database" with no
backup and in "noarchivelog mode"
But my case was different, my current redo log group had a corrupted
block.. and yes I also used the _allow_restlogs_corruption = true
then when I opened my database the UNDO tablespace datafile also had a
corrupted block... I was able to fix it by making the
undo_management=manual and create a new UNDO tablespace.

I've documented it all here.. it will redirect you to a forum:

Redo and Undo Corruption

Also, have they tried to re-login again? and still got the ORA-01033?

For additional reading, you may want to check on the "Oracle Center of
Expertise backup and recovery documents"

COE papers

And read more on how SCN works

Karl Arao
On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 6:14 PM, nilesh kumar wrote:
Hello DBA's

Good Morning!!
Hope everyone is doing good.
I have a question for the issue I am facing.

Here is one of the database hosted on the unix box which is a test database
for the client. The box was rebooted and the database was not cleanly
shutdown once after the rebooted completed, the database did not came up and
I logged in and checked database was down. People from the appliation side
were getting this error message.ERROR: ORA-01033: ORACLE initialization or
shutdown in progress
We dont have any backup of the database other then the logical backup where
in the database is exported on schedule bases. When I tried as a DBA to
startup the database, it was expecting the recovery of the system.dbf file
with one of the archive sequence. But the database was in no-archive log
mode, hence was not able to bring up the database. Finally we brought up the
database with setting the parameter allow_restlogs_corruption = true. Now
the database is up and running but even now when the application side try to
login they are getting the same error message as "ERROR: ORA-01033: ORACLE
initialization or shutdown in progress".
I am a junor DBA. Please help me if there a solution for this or we need to
just re-import it all and start the database is that the only solution or
can we have another solution for this problem.

Nilesh Soni

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